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Holy Relics at American Czestochowa

Holy Relics at American Czestochowa

Dear Friends of American Czestochowa

On certain days of the liturgical year, the Church on earth remembers saints: first of all, the Holy Mother of God, then the Apostles, martyrs and other saints. He thus shows that he is united with the heavenly liturgy; praises Christ for having accomplished salvation in his glorified members. Their example inspires the Church on her way to the Father. CCC 1195

Holiness is the most important task God puts for us in this life. We achieve it in various ways, such as: prayer, participation in the sacraments, asceticism, but also by following the lives of the saints that the Church set as an example. We bear their names, we learn about the history of their life, we imitate their virtues, we admire their heroism of faith and the sacrifice with which they followed Christ. By their lives, the saints show us God and lead us to Him. One of the important signs emphasizing the cult of saints are relics, which are not only a memento of the life of a given saint, but above all a sign of their intercession, to which we can resort to our needs. The Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown has a large collection of relics of saints, which are kept in the sacristy, and which we want to show to the faithful for a long time. That is why, the idea of building the passage around the altar at the Lower  Chapel with a special installation in which each relic will find its place, was born. The work related to it consumed a considerable amount of costs, so we humbly ask you to support this project, which is so important and valuable for the heritage of our Shrine. Your material support will allow to give the relics of saints a worthy place and will certainly contribute to the development of their worship, and through their intercession will help you obtain the necessary favors. Let us make a beautiful and worthy place for the relics with our joint efforts! God bless you for your generosity. We entrust all of you, dear benefactors, to the protection of Mary in our daily prayers.


Fr. Tadeusz Lizinczyk OSPPE

Provincial of the Pauline Fathers and Brothers in the USA


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The Relics of Saints at American Czestochowa