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Catholic Burial Options

Get Help Choosing What’s Best for You and Your Family

Being buried and memorialized at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa Cemetery forges a lasting connection between you, your family, and your church.

Choosing the specific type of burial from the various memorialization options is a profoundly personal decision that helps strengthen that connection.

Our Burial Options

The most traditional form of burial is called an in-ground, or below-ground, burial. This type of service typically involves a casket, as well as a memorial tribute such as a plaque or tombstone. Beautiful ground burial options are available at our Cemetery.  These quiet places are the perfect setting for private meditation, prayer, or a peaceful walk.

More burial options available in our cemetery:

  • In-Ground Burial with a Memorial or Monument
  • Above Ground Burial in a Community Mausoleum
  • Cremation and burial 

Five components of a Catholic Cemetery in-ground burial:

Read below for more details on the components of this burial option.

1. The gravesite is the space or plot within the cemetery. If you are interested in purchasing your space set up appointment with out Cemetery Specialist

2. The casket is the beautiful vessel that holds the deceased during wake services, and contains the deceased during burial. The casket can include cremation urns. (For more information according where to purchase casket or urn please contact our Cemetery Specialist)

3. The vault is installed in the burial site first, prior to placing the casket. The vault provides protection for the casket, and helps to maintain a flat and level gravesite, in turn providing safe, sure footing for your loved ones.

4. The opening-and-closing service is to prepare the gravesite for burial. It consists of ground opening, closing (back-filling), and landscaping (to restore the gravesite’s appearance).

5. A memorial is a tribute installed at the gravesite to honor and celebrate a life worth remembering. The two main options are flat granite or flat bronze “markers” (typically installed at memorial parks) and upright granite “monuments” or tombstones (typically installed at cemeteries). (For more information according Markers & Monuments please contact our Cemetery Specialist)




What is a Columbarium and why choose Cremation?

The purpose of the Columbarium is to provide a place on the Shrine property for the permanent preservation of the cremated remains. A Columbarium is an answer to the age-old concern of the Christian community to participate in the proper disposition and identification of the earthly remains of those who have shared the fellowship of our Christian faith.

Cremation of the body prior to burial is allowed within the confines of the religion. Catholics choose this option for any number of personal reasons or because cremation service costs tend to be less than alternative methods. We provide two types of cremation service in our cemetery:

  • Urn
  • Niche Opening-and-closing

Burial Items Required for a Catholic Cremation:

If you believe that cremation option is best for you and your family, consider that the Catholic guidelines for cremation require the remains be buried or entombed in much the same way a body would be. This means you will still need the following burial items:

  • Gravesite: (the space or plot within a cemetery) or mausoleum (private or public structure interring multiple people)
  • Urn: the vessel to house the cremated remains
  • Vault: a concrete enclosure that serves to protect the urn and also provides safe footing for visitors
  • Opening-and-closing service: opening a gravesite for burial, back-filling the site, and landscaping to restore the gravesite’s appearance. A form of this is also required for interment in a mausoleum.
  • Urn
  • Niche Opening-and-closing
Before figuring out the exact cost of cremation services, you should first contact our Cemetery Specialist at 215 345-0600