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Provincial Chapter of the Pauline Fathers & Brothers in the USA

Provincial Chapter of the Pauline Fathers & Brothers in the USA

The Fifth Chapter of the American Province of the Pauline Fathers and Brothers took place on November 22-23, 2021 at the Pauline Monastery in Doylestown, PA . The Chapter has elected a new Provincial and a new Provincial Council. Fr. Tadeusz Lizinczyk was elected as the Provincial of the Pauline Fathers in the USA for a second three-year term. The Chapter has also elected members of the Provincial Council:

 Fr. Tadeusz Lizinczyk – Provincial

Fr. Krzysztof Drybka – 1st Definitor (Provincial Vicar)

Fr. Sebastian Hanks – 2nd Definitor

Fr. Marcin Cwierz – 3rd Definitor

Fr. Michał Czyzewski – 4th Definitor

Fr. Bogdan Olzacki – Provincial Administrator

Fr. Maciej Karpinski – Secretary of the Province


The chapter was presided by Fr. Michal Lukoszek, Vicar General of the Pauline Order and Delegate of the Father General of the Order, Arnold Chrapkowski. Father Vicar General was accompanied by Father Bartlomiej Maziarka, the General Secretary of the Order. The Chapter at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa was attended by the Pauline Fathers and Brothers who serve at different parishes and monasteries in the USA.

During the Chapter, the Fathers and Brothers of the American Province discussed many important issues concerning religious and community life. The topics of the sessions also concentrated on pastoral ministry, evangelization, as well as on economical and organizational issues.

At the end the Chapter was addressed by the Most Reverend Father Arnold Chrapkowski, General of the Pauline Order, who connected with the meeting room using the internet. Father General thanked all the Fathers and Brothers for their ministry in the USA and encouraged them to become evangelical signs in their daily religious life and in their pastoral ministry.

The Provincial Chapter, which takes place every three years, was an extremely important event for the meeting of the entire Pauline community in the USA. It was a special time to focus on community issues and the development of the Pauline charism on American soil, especially in the context of the effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Fr. Timothy Tarnacki OSPPE