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Dec 2020
Christmas Concert in American Czestochowa

One of the characteristic realities summarizing the symbolism and reflecting on the spirit of Christmas are Christmas carols and pastorals, which allows us to tell the story of the birth of Jesus through singing. Christmas carols represent a special religious wealth of each country, as sung in different languages they allow you to feel the spirit of community based on faith and love for our Lord. The wealth of the United States is undoubtedly multiculturalism, also in a religious sense, because this country was created and is created by the generation of......

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Jan 2020
Christmas Concert at American Czestochowa

On Sunday, December 29th a Christmas Concert organized by Mr. Pawel Raczkowski, Shrine Music Director, took place out Shrine, in St. Anne’s Chapel. This year’s concert featured Our Lady of Czestochowa Choir, OLCD J’s Band, Orchestra, Polish Charismatic Group, Pauline Fathers, and many other soloists. All of the musicians came as one Shrine family to share their musical talents and the joy of Christmas with all of us....

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