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Poland through the Ages - A Living History Faire Print E-mail


Poland through the Ages - A Living History Faire


During the Memorial Day Weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa was hosting a second annual living history faire called "Poland Through the Ages". Numerous historical reenactment groups,  have participated in this year's festival. They represented different periods of Polish history, from 10th to 20th century, some of them included: the Banner of Jasna Gora, Hetman Potocki Banner from Michigan, Twisted Knot Company of Pike and Shotte from Pennsylvania, Kievskii Cuirassiers from Indiana, Roman Stadium from Long Island, Kathleen Nassau, Max Burheart, and many others. The largest among the groups were 17th Century reenactors, depicting the period of the Swedish Deluge. They presented a symbolic battle of the Siege of Jasna Gora.

There were also other demonstrations: knights' armors and weapons, firearms, fencing, and World War II military equipment. Clothes and customs of different historical periods were also presented.

During our May festival, in addition to historical performances, there was also great entertainment and delicious food. There were many dance groups and singers, such as: Zobieda's Dancers, Firebird Chamber Group, Folk Dance Club Kaleidoscope, Vistula Danza, Sydney Star - Leszek Stadnik, and others. The participants were also able to taste traditional Polish cuisine. The faire ended with a "Royal Banquet" at the Shrine's Cafeteria. During the banquet Polish court customs were presented and, as a main course, a roasted pig was served.

Fr. Timothy Tarnacki OSPPE


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