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Closing of the Jubilee of the 300th Anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady of Czestochowa Print E-mail


Closing of the Jubilee of the 300th Anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady of Czestochowa


On September 10, 2017 we were celebrating at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, the closing of the Jubilee Year of the 300-th anniversary of the Coronation of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Czestochowa. About a year ago, on September 8th, the Jubilee has been inaugurated at the Jasna Gora Shrine in Poland and throughout the year has been celebrated in many different places in Poland and all over the world. During this time the Pauline Fathers in the American Province prepared the faithful for this celebration through many pastoral initiatives. For instance, every month, similar to Jasna Gora Shrine, St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Church in Manhattan organized "Evenings with Mary". Whereas the Pauline Fathers at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa and other Pauline parishes have spread the initiative "The Living Crown of Mary - Selfie for Mary".

The solemnities of the closing of the Jubilee Year of the 300th Anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady of Czestochowa was accompanied by a special event, namely the presentation and blessing of a unique image of Mary - mosaic created from photographs. The Mosaic of Our Lady of Czestochowa has been created from photographs, which were sent to the Shrine for the "Living Crown of Mary" project.

On that day at the Shrine in Doylestown there were two solemn Masses, on which many people have gathered in the Main Church to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Mass at 11:00 AM, was celebrated in English by Most Rev. Andrzej Zglejszewski, Auxiliary Bishop of Rockville Centre Diocese from Long Island. Whereas the Polish celebration took place during the 12:30 PM Mass and the main celebrant was Most Rev. Witold Mroziewski, Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn Diocese from New York. After greeting all the guests and pilgrims, Fr. Krzysztof Drybka, Prior of the American Czestochowa, drew everyone's attention to the Mosaic of Our Lady.

- "I welcome all of you. We have big picture here, it is enormous! Let's remember that all of us, we are part of this big picture. The message of today's celebration is that we are not alone. We are a community that strives to God. (...) The face of everyone of us is in that picture, it is a sign that we are more valuable to God than diamonds or precious stones" - said Fr. Prior at the beginning of the celebration.

Bishop Zglejszewski during His homily referred back to His personal devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He also quoted St. Ambrose, by asking the congregation contantly the question: "What do you see?".

-"Seeing this incredible and beautiful image of Our Lady, I would like to ask you and me: What do you see? Do you see Her face? Incredible history that She has been carrying on as Our Lady of Czestochowa already for over 600 years and for 300 years this wonderful presence is coronated. What do you see? Do you see Her beautiful gaze? This is the gaze of welcome. Mary's face is a gaze of welcome. Even though She was very suprised, but She welcomed the Angel. She welcomed the message from God. She welcomed the grace. This kind of welcome we also need in our lives. I hope that in this gaze of Mary you can also recognize yourself" - said Bishop Zglejszewski.

Bishop Witold Mroziewski in His homily, preached in Polish, referred to the connection of the two Marian Shrines - Jasna Gora and American Czestochowa - with each other. He also quoted the words of Pope Francis for the celebration of the 300th  Anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady and He addressed these words also to the Shrine in Doylestown.

- "Our Shrine - American Czestochowa - is a reflection of the Jasna Gora Shrine. It unites the hearts of the faithful of this continent, which, by entrusting and putting in the maternal bondage of love, makes not a golden but living crown of good works and life worthy of the child of God. Let us entrust our fate in her maternal hands, just as the Servant of God, Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński said: ‘I have entrusted everything to Mary". - said Bishop Mroziewski.

During the celebrations of the anniversary of the coronation in Doylestown, there were also many guest groups that came to the Shrine for this occasion, such as: "The Banner of Jasna Gora" - Polish Living History Group, children from Polish Song and Dance Ensemble called "Salezjanie" from Poland, music group called "Kreska" from Poland as well as Polish Scouts.  

At the end Fr. Timothy Tarnacki, a Pauline Priest in charge of the "Lving Crown of Mary" initiative in USA, addressed a few words of thanks for all those who have been working in this project and created this beautiful Mosaic of Our Lady.

As a sign of union between the two Shrines - Jasna Gora and American Czestochowa - a letter from the Prior of Jasna Gora has been read at the end of the celebration.  Fr. Marian Waligora, Prior of Jasna Gora wrote to the pilgrims assembled at the Shrine in Doylestown:

- "I wish to express my great joy, that we were able to celebrate this Jubilee together - at Jasna Gora Shrine and at American Czestochowa - united in God, looking intently into the Miraculous Face of Our Lady of Czestochowa. I am glad that through the ministry of our Pauline brothers from the American Province, the initiatives of this Jubilee have reached up to 70 countries! Offering our spiritual gifts we have become precious jewels in "The Living Crown of Mary". Together with Her, let us praise God for countless gifts and blessings, which She sends to every one of us so abundantly".

Fr. Timothy Tarnacki OSPPE

Photos: Ryszard Dziedzic


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