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Christmas celebrations at the Shrine


The celebration of Christmas began at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa with the Solemn Vigil Mass on December 24th, celebrated by Fr. Edward Volz. At Midnight Fr. Pior Krzysztof Drybka celebrated the traditional Polish "Pasterka" (Shepherd's Mass) which gathered a large group of the faithful, mostly of the Polish origin.

The Messiah was expected for thousands of years. God ever since the first sin occurred and people lost their closeness with Him was preparing people for the coming of His Son to restore this intimate relation. God made many covenants with people through Abraham, through Moses and so on. He was revealing the truth about Himself and about His Son through the preaching of the prophets.

At the due time the powerful Word, through which whole universe was created, became a man.
It was the fulfilment of God's promise. That what we've heard and what we read in the Old Testament now in the New Testament became a fact.

The Word became flesh, the Word was incarnated and become a little baby - Emmanuel, which means God is with us. At this very moment with the coming of Jesus Christ the world was created new - recreated. Jesus makes everything new.

Moreover, the truth about who God is was not only revealed through His Son, but also through the Apostles and their life. It was revealed through His disciples and now the truth about God is revealed in our life because we are also His disciples. When Jesus is being born in our hearts each time the Word becomes flesh again.

Understanding what we really get from God through the coming of His Son we cannot express anything else but gratefulness. That's the reason for celebrating Christmas - coming of God who became like us to save all of us with all our richness and beauty.

Jesus came to the humanity but also, He came to each one of us no matter who we are and no matter what is our name. Jesus came not only to those who believe in Him but to everybody.

We should consciously celebrate today's feast, a moment when God is with us and everyday try to live the truth that Jesus is born, that He is alive. This is the source of our hope, the source of our joy.

This fact changes and shapes our lives. Therefore, let us allow Jesus to be born within us. Receive Him in your life and do it continually. Come to the Son of God as He came to us and became one of us. Let us be one with Him.

During the entire week we will celebrate the Christmas Octave, expecting the coming of the New Year 2017. On the last day of the passing year we will thank God for all the graces that we received from Him. We invite all the faithful to attend the Holy Hour from 4 to 5 PM and the Night Vigil which start 9 PM.

Fr. Karol Jarz±bek


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