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Delaware Water Gap Hiking Trip Print E-mail

11-30-delaware_water_gap_hiking_trip-1.jpgOn Nov. 14, 2007, the Czestochowa youth group hiked up Delaware Water Gap with the altar boys and members of the Polish School. It was a clear and chilly day, suitable weather for hiking. The day could be seen in three ways: the spiritual form, the physical form, and the occasion for friends to get together.

11-30-delaware_water_gap_hiking_trip-2.jpgThe spiritual aspect of the day was a chance to view God's creation and get to know Him better. Beginning the day with Mass gave us a boost in this direction. Later, observing white
waterfalls, massive gray cliffs, and acres upon acres of brilliant multicolored woods, the presence of God was manifested in His creations. The view from the top of the hill was breathtaking: yellow, brown, gold, red, orange, and purple trees for miles in every direction
and the Delaware River at our feet. Hiking in the woods of Del Water Gap, we discovered a wonderful way to commune with God and his design.

11-30-delaware_water_gap_hiking_trip-3.jpg The physical aspect of the day made a contribution with a great hike back in the fall woods of the Delaware River. I have climbed around the area several times with the altar servers, and enjoy its' beauty every trip. The tough trek up large rocks and rough paths was enjoyable exercise. On this hike we went up the Jersey side hill, which is around 1500 feet high. The Pennsylvania side is more or less the same. Previously, the altar servers have gone up both the Pennsylvania and Jersey sides more than once in summer and fall; I rediscovered landmarks in the terrain on my second time up the hill. It was a nice place to recreate and "get some fresh air".

11-30-delaware_water_gap_hiking_trip-4.jpg The day took one final form: the social opportunity to meet new faces and make some friends.
While earlier hikes had been done by the altar servers alone, this one added in the youth group and some students from the Polish School. With one common goal, we laughingly spurred each other on as we climbed up to the top of the hill. Thus, the hike provided a perfect occasion to be with old friends and new.

The spiritual, physical, and social aspects of our day made for a memorable trip. The most important of these was the spiritual aspect: the chance to talk to God and see His awe-inspiring creation.

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