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The Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary Print E-mail

09-12-most_holy_name_of_the_blessed_virgin_mary-01.jpgWednesday, September 12th

In accordance with Jewish custom our Lady's parents named her eight days after her birth, and were inspired to call her Mary. The Hebrew name of Mary (in Latin Domina) means lady or sovereign; this Mary is in virtue of her Son's sovereign authority as Lord of the World. We call Mary our Lady as we call Jesus our Lord. When we pronounce her name, we affirm her power, implore her aid and place ourselves under her protection. 

Refleksje uczestników pieszej pielgrzymki Print E-mail

pielgrzymka.jpgNiedziela, 12 sierpnia, była dniem, kiedy do narodowego Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Częstochowskiej w Doylestown (w stanie Pensylwania), zwanym Amerykańską Częstochową, przybyły piesze pielgrzymki z Great Meadows i Trenton (w stanie New Jersey) oraz z Filadelfii (w Pensylwanii).

42. Amerykańsko-Polski Festiwal Print E-mail

festival-01.jpgW sobotnie południe 1 września na ziemi amerykańskiej w Domu Naszej Matki Jasnogórskiej Pani w Doylestown rozpoczął się 42. Polsko – Amerykański Festiwal, który w sposób bardzo uroczysty otworzył Ojciec Prowicjał Krzysztof Wieliczko OSPPE. Po odśpiewaniu hymnów narodowych: Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki i Polski rozpoczął się po raz kolejny niepowtarzalny czas łączenia modlitwy i zabawy, kontemplacji i wymiany doświadczeń na wielu różnych płaszczyznach obydwu narodów.

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Print E-mail
09-12-nativity_of_the_blessed_virgin_mary-02b.jpgSaturday, September 8th


The Blessed Virgin Mary was born to St. Joachim and St. Anne, to be the famous WOMAN promised in the Proto-evangelium who would crush the head of the serpent.

This feast is a commemoration of that happy and joyful day on which the ever-blessed virgin Mother of God first saw the light of day. The Church accordingly sings on this day, "Thy nativity, virgin Mother of God, has brought joy to the whole world; for from thee has come forth the Sun of justice, Christ the Lord, Who putting away cursing bestowed blessing, and by overcoming death obtained for us life eternal."  


The Solemnity of Our Lady of Czestochowa Print E-mail
our_lady_of_czestochowa-v02b.jpgSunday, August 26th


We have no historically certain facts concerning the origin and history of the picture until 1382, the year in which the picture was brought to Jasna Gora by Prince Ladislaus Opolczyk. There are many oral traditions and various pious legends surrounding the beginnings of this image. One such tradition holds that the picture was painted by the Evangelist Luke during Our Lady's lifetime. The image was allegedly painted on a wooden panel taken from a table used by the Holy Family at Nazareth.

In 1382, according to the tradition, Prince Ladislaus of Opole (Silesia), formerly a ruler in Ruthenia, acting in the name of King Louis of Hungary intended to transfer the picture from Belz to Opole to safeguard it against invading Tatar tribes. At one time Tatars besieged the Belz castle, and the picture of Our Lady was pierced by an arrow which lodged in her neck. Journeying to Silesia with the picture, Ladislaus stopped to rest in Czestochowa near the small church on Jasna Gora. Here he discerned that Our Lady wished to have the picture remain on this spot. He thus left the picture at the Jasna Gora Church and invited the white-robed Pauline Fathers from Hungary to be in charge of the shrine. Tradition dates this event on August 26, 1382.

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