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Memorial of Saint Ambrose, Bishop & Doctor of the Church Print E-mail

12-07-st_ambrose.jpgFriday, December 7th 

St Ambrose (340-397) was born in Southern Gaul of noble parents. As a youth, he studied classics, various philosophers, and Greek. He soon made a name for himself as a public speaker. While Ambrose was still in his late twenties, he was made governor and served the people justly and kindly.

At 33 Ambrose had it all - a successful career as a lawyer, an important position as governor of Milan, the approval and friendship of the emperor, and a large estate. 

At the age of 34, on December 7, 374 Ambrose was ordained bishop of Milan.

To read more about St. Ambrose, click here.

Memorial of Saint Nicholas, Bishop Print E-mail
Thursday, December 6th 12-06-saint_nicholas.jpg


One of the most-loved saints of both Eastern and Western Churches, Saint Nicholas has miraculously answered Christians' prayers for centuries.

Born towards the end of the 3rd century, Saint Nicholas was elected the Bishop of Myra, Lycia (modern Turkey). He was generous to the poor, and a special protector to the innocent and the wronged. Many stories grew up around him prior to his becoming "Santa Claus".

In his youth he once heard that a person who had fallen into poverty intended to abandon his three daughters to a life of sin. Determined to save their innocence, he went out at night and threw bags of gold into the window of the sleeping father and hurried off.

The Saint is commonly represented by the side of a vessel or barrel, wherein a certain man had concealed the bodies of three children whom he had killed, but who were restored to life by the saint. He was present at the Council of Nicaea.

Saint of: imprisonment, robberies, brides, captives, children, judges, merchants, sailors.

I TY możesz być Świętym Mikołajem... Print E-mail

I TY możesz być Świętym Mikołajem...Z historii oraz legendy...
Św. Mikołaj urodził się prawdopodobnie w bogatej rodzinie zamieszkałej w Patarze w Lycji (prowincja Azji Mniejszej). Wybrany został biskupem zaniedbanej podówczas diecezji Myry, którą zarządzał z wielką troską i wiarą. Tam właśnie zasłynął swą świętością, zapałem i cudami. Zmarł ok. 350 r. Niewielka ilość autentycznych informacji na jego temat chętnie uzupełniana była kolorowymi szczegółami legend. Pierwszą biografię Mikołaja napisano w IX wieku, najbardziej jednak upowszechniła się jego biografia spisana przez Szymona Metaphrastesa w wieku X. Historycy greccy utrzymują, że Mikołaj cierpiał uwięzienie i nie wyparł się wiary podczas prześladowań Dioklecjan.

I Sunday of Advent Print E-mail
Sunday, December 2nd 12-02-1st-sunday_of_advent.jpg


Today the Roman Catholic celebration of Advent is as much about watching for the day when Christ will come again in glory as it is about preparing for the annual east of Jesus' birth.

The Church begins its year on the same note on which it ended: watch for the day of the Lord's coming, live lives of gospel faith, for you know not the day or the hour!

As is true every year, the season of Advent  is destined to prepare us for the coming of the Lord. This coming is that of his birth among us, about two thousand years ago. So we shall consecrate four weeks to disposing our soul and our body for the coming of the Lord Jesus: our soul, for the fruitful contemplation of the Mystery of the Birth of the Savior into the world; and our body, participating in the action of the soul, for worthily receiving the Savior of the world in his sacrament of the Eucharist, which is the Body of Christ!

Advent Retreat Print E-mail

11-30-advent_retreat.jpg God gives you time to pause and pray...
in preparation for the Celebration
of the Birth of Christ...

We invite everyone
to this year`s
which will be on Nov. 30 – Dec. 2
Retreat Master is Fr. Sebastian Hanks OSPPE
Liturgical Celebrant is Fr. Tadeusz Lizinczyk OSPPE

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